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Financial Assistance

Student Loans

Programs at Northlands College are eligible for provincial and federal student loans.

Student loan applications are available for download from this page or in person from a counselling office. Student loans take 4 to 6 weeks to process so apply early. Once your student loan has been processed and you receive your certificate of eligibility, please bring it to the administration office for signing by an authorized staff member.

For more information on student loans or to apply online, visit the Saskatchewan Student Loans website.


Education makes a huge difference to people’s lives. A scholarship is a gift with great impact that will resonate into the future, and for many of our supporters, the ability to help individuals achieve their potential is a very rewarding experience.

As a commitment to supporting students and rewarding academic excellence, Northlands College offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities.

Review the eligibility requirements and other scholarship details below.

Air Cadet Post–Secondary Scholarship – La Ronge Campus

How to apply:

Submit the following by fax, email, or mail:
  1. Application form (download here)
  2. Letter of recommendation from Squadron Commanding Officer
  3. Letter outlining activities completed as a Cadet

Northlands College Scholarship Committee
Box 1000
Air Ronge, SK S0J 3G0
Fax: 306-425-4689


  1. any person that has achieved rank of Flight Corporal or higher in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program or an equivalent rank in any successor organization), and/or any current and former Officers and Non-Commissioned Members (including Officer Cadets) of the Cadet Instructor Cadre/Cadet Organization Administration and Training Services (or any successor organizations), who have served a minimum of two years with a Royal Canadian Air Cadet unit
  2. must be registered in an accredited post-secondary program (min. 20 weeks) in the current academic school year
  3. must be attending Northlands College in La Ronge or Air Ronge, SK

Selection criteria may include:

  1. actual rank and proficiency level achieved
  2. participation in Air Cadet summer training courses
  3. participation in extracurricular Air Cadet activities
  4. awards
  5. other achievements as noted by Unit Commanding Officer

Value:  $1,000 paid towards tuition, book, and other demonstrable expenses

Deadline:  September 30

Trades & Technical Program – Scholarship and Awards

All applicants accepted will be eligible for the entry scholarship based on the marks of the requisite grade level for program entry. If grade -marks of a student is higher at a higher-grade level those marks will be the marks for consideration.
Disbursement: Half of the scholarship will be made at the start of program and the second half will be given at the programs mid-point. Scholarships will be presented by a Coordinator or Director.

Value:  $1,000

Number available:  3


The Trades and Technical programs that are eligible for these awards must fit the following criteria:
  1. Must be a program that is 20 weeks or longer.
  2. The program must be delivered from an accredited education institution and recognized by industry.
ABE and University Scholarships and Awards

ABE Northlands College Awards

Value: $1,000

Number: 6


Open to Adult 12 students who are:
  1. Completing one full-time semester of studies within one academic year;

Value: $500

Number: 6


Open to Adult 10 students who are:
  1. Completing one full year of studies;

Selection Criteria: Applicants will be considered on the basis of Academic Achievement.

Value: $250

Number: 4


Open to Adult Essential Skills students who are:
  1. Completing one full year of studies;

Selection Criteria: Applicants will be considered on the basis of Academic Achievement.

Disbursement: These program achievement academic awards will be distributed during a class-closing event. Co-ordinator Director or CEO will present the awards.

University Northlands College Scholarships

The top five first year full time undergraduate students (min. of 9 credits a semester) will be awarded $1500 based on academics from 5 high school classes (2 x 30 level English, 30 Level Math (take 20 if not avail), 30 Level Science (or 20 if not avail), 30 level Social Studies). This includes high school leavers, previous part time university students, and previous Northlands College students from other programs.
The top five continuing full time university undergraduate students (min. of 9 credits a semester) will be awarded $1500 based on top 15 credit units from previous year. This includes any students who have previously taken full time university classes.

Mining Scholarships and Awards

Northlands College Mining or Mining Related Scholarship
  1. Official & Original transcript
  2. Based on academic achievement
  3. This is a great opportunity for students entering, continuing, and completing mine training. Awards are contingent on acceptance to a mine training program. If a student is on the Northlands College arrears list their Award will deduct the amount outstanding. Eligible programs: Mine Tech and Rad Tech.

Made possible through the provincial Innovation & Opportunities Scholarship Grant with matching funds from AREVA & CAMECO

In order to attract more applicants with a greater potential to graduate, Northlands College will provide an award to selected students in each program that gives them an opportunity to work in a mine.

All graduates interested in mining will have an opportunity; the scholarship is contingent on academics. Eligible programs for this academic year: Mine Tech & Rad Tech

The scholarship will be based on the average of the subjects that are the pre-requisites of the program and will be dispersed in the following manner: Year 1 Mine Tech and Rad Tech:

The top 3 students will each receive a scholarship of $2000

Year 2 Mine Tech: Based on overall average in Year 1

Highest overall average - $2000

Second highest overall average - $1500

3rd highest overall average - $1000

Students would still be eligible to apply for other scholarships.

Disbursement: for any scholarship over $1000 half the payment will be made at the beginning of the program and the other half will be made mid-way through the program.

At the end of each program the top student will receive the Industry Highest Achievement Award of $2500.



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