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Local Government Authority Certificate

The Local Government Authority (LGA) Certificate from University of Regina consists of 4 online courses to be taken on a part-time basis. UofR also offers an Advanced LGA Certificate consisting of 10 courses (can be a mix of online and lecture courses) on either a part-time or full-time basis. With the LGA Certificate, students will gain the opportunity to explore career options in the diverse field of local government and municipal administration. The LGA Certificate is the educational requirement for the Standard C certification (also RMAA and UMASS certification) to become a municipal administrator in Saskatchewan.

Location: Buffalo Narrows, Creighton, Ile a la Crosse, and La Ronge

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Entrance requirements: For all university programs applicants are required to have a complete Grade 12 diploma with good reading comprehension, a 30 level Math, and an overall average of 70% in core subjects.

Location: Buffalo Narrows, Creighton, Ile a la Crosse, and La Ronge
Start date:  September 2018
Approx. $3,200 for LGA Certificate
Approx. $7,500 for Advanced LGA Cert
Books: $1,000











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