Introducing First Qualified, First Accepted (FQFA)...

Northlands College is moving to the commonly used application process known as First Qualified, First Admitted (FQFA) for many of our Mining, Technical, Trades, and Health programs.

FQFA means the sooner an applicant meets the application requirements or qualifies, the greater the chance they have of being accepted into their chosen program. Application requirements can include completing an application form, having a minimum grade level and/or average, and undergoing an intake interview with one of our student advisors.

This application process means that many of our post-secondary programs can be filled prior to the application deadline, so please APPLY SOON.

Once accepted, applicants will receive an admission package which will outline the program readiness expectations and deadlines. This includes tasks such as applying for and/or securing funding, and can include responsibilities such as providing a criminal records check. Generally, all program readiness documentation will expected to be on file by August 1 in order to hold on to a seat. Waitlists are maintained so that applicants who fail to meet program readiness expectations are replaced.

Applicants do not need to go through the process alone. Student Services is here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Application process for FQFA applicants:

1. Select a program that matches your career and educational goals. Program information is available on our website.

2. Ensure you can meet entrance requirements and consider future program expectations such as Criminal Record Checks (CRC) or drug tests.

3. Follow the application procedures listed for the program:

• Fill out an application form.
• Make a copy of all your transcripts.

– You may need to order them.
– If you are currently in school, you need to have a preliminary statement of marks form filled out by your current school.

• You may be required to provide a written response to a provided question(s).

4. Submit your completed application form and all required documents to:

Fax: (306) 425-4689;
Mail: Applications, Box 1000, Air Ronge, SK, S0J 3G0;
In person: Drop off at your nearest campus.

5. You will receive notification to inform you of any missing documentation and the next step in the process (e.g. interview).

IMPORTANT: A student advisor will be assigned to your file to provide support. This staff member’s name will appear on all correspondence.

6. After you have completed the application process, you will receive further correspondence stating your admissions status as:

Accepted – applicants will be required to meet further expectations and submit further documentation by August 1. These expectations and documents could include:

– proof of application or acceptance for funding;
– Criminal Record Checks, Vulnerable Sector Check, and immunization records;
– copy of your final transcripts if you used a preliminary statement of marks for acceptance; and
– consideration of housing, transportation, and childcare arrangements are established prior to program start up.

Waitlisted – applicants will have some preparations to do:

– ensure your most current contact information (e.g. email, phone, address) is on file;
– be available or ensure we can get messages to you if a seat opens;
– apply for funding (just in case);
– consideration of housing, transportation, and childcare as you could move from waitlisted to accepted with little time to prepare.

Not qualified – applicants are encouraged to contact Student Services for academic and career advising.

7. Continue to check the website for admissions updates and details on orientations dates, classroom locations and other pertinent information.

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